Verse Recitation

Campers are required to recite a daily verse with no more than two helps (a help if 2-3 words). Remember that you are also required to recite the reference. Starting Sunday, there is a verse required for each day, so it's a good idea to study them before coming to camp. Verses may be recited from the New International Version (1984 Version), English Standard Version, New King James Version, or King James Version.

What to Pack

Optional Items

Here is a list of some extra items that can be nice to bring if you can.

Do Not Bring

Dress Code

At camp, one of our goals is to reduce distractions so the campers can focus on their relationship with the Lord and with each other. This is one of the reasons we don't allow cell phones and other electronics at camp. Electronics are not sinful, but they distract us with notifications or texts from friends back home. In a similar way, we want to minimize the distractions that certain clothing can bring; distractions like comparison, immodesty, and excessive attention to personal appearance. We know that no set of guidelines can capture the heart of that, so we ask parents to please discuss this with your child before camp and assist them as they choose what to pack for camp. Keep in mind that camp is a fun, active environment where t-shirt and loose athletic shorts are the recommended attire for the week.

Here are our dress code guidelines:

Daily Schedule

Every day at camp is filled with activity. It can be helpful for new campers to have an idea of what a typical day looks like at camp. You can download a copy of the daily schedule by clicking the link below.