Verse Recitation

Campers are required to recite a daily verse with no more than two helps (a help is 2-3 words). Recitation of the reference and the verse(s) are both required. There is a verse to recite every day at camp, so it is highly recommended that you study them before coming to camp. Verses may be recited from the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version (1984 Version), or English Standard Version.

Dress Code

It is our policy that campers clothing should not draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Campers (and parents) are required to exercise modesty and discretion regarding the selection of camper's clothing. To guide you in selecting the clothing to bring to camp, here are the basic principles of our dress code:

The purpose of the dress code is simply for reduce the amount of distractions the campers have. We believe our dress code helps the campers focus on forming lasting and authentic relationships with Christ and the other campers.

What to Pack for Camp

Optional items:

Do not bring:

Once again, the goal of these restrictions is to help minimize distractions so the campers are able to focus on God and making new friends at camp.