COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

This plan outlines the Mason Dixon Scholarship Camp plans to comply with the PA state guidelines for summer camps as well as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to combat the risk of contracting COVID-19. These procedures will be followed to the best of our abilities for all campers, parents/guardians, visitors, and staff who are at the Mason Dixon Scholarship Camp for an outdoor day camp to be held on a Saturday in August (goal date is August 8). These guidelines are in addition to those policies and guidelines already in place for Mason Dixon Scholarship Camp.

As you decide whether participating in camp is a risk that either you or your child should take, please understand that MDSC is considered a “Highest Risk” function according to the CDC guidelines due to the broad geographic area from which our campers come. Please understand those risks and recognize that attending camp is an individual decision to accept those risks.

1. Camper Drop Off

1.1. It is requested that staff and campers isolate as much as possible for a week before camp to minimize the risk of coming to camp with COVID and being asymptomatic.

1.2. All members of the party will remain in or around their vehicle (wearing face mask if out of the vehicle) at the registration parking area until met by a staff member and a medical staff member who are wearing a face mask.

1.3. The medical person will complete a screening for COVID, including a temperature check, for all those remaining onsite (campers and staff) for the day and will verify that each person remaining has a face mask. In addition, all those remaining or their guardians will need to sign a liability release form in addition to a “good health certification” form.

1.4. The staff person will document the name of those who will be remaining onsite and provide a wristband or some other identification of those remaining for the day.

2. Distancing

2.1. All campers and staff should strive to abide by the 6 foot social distancing and also masks must be worn when inside or in crowded outdoor areas.

3. Meals

3.1. Meals will be pre-packaged in the kitchen, including seconds. Pre-packaged meals will be picked up by campers individually following spacing rules for the serving line.

3.2. Water and other drinks will be served in disposable single-serving bottles for camper convenience. Cold bottled water will be available throughout the day at all activities.

3.3. All campers and staff must wash hands prior to each meal.

3.4. All condiments will be individually packaged, when possible, and provided to the campers by the food line staff.

3.5. All staff must wear a face mask and gloves when preparing food.

3.6. Seating will be outdoors throughout the campground. Social distancing will be the responsibility of campers and staff.

3.7. Tables, chairs, doorknobs, and handles will be disinfected at least hourly throughout the day.

3.8. Hand Sanitizer will be available at all events throughout the day.

4. Activities

4.1. All campers are expected to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly after close interaction with others.

4.2. Equipment Sanitizing will be as follows:

4.2.1. Playground equipment which is available for use will be sprayed with disinfectant on an hourly basis.

4.2.2. Riflery, Archery, Gameroom, Craft Shop, Pool: These areas will all be closed and off limits.

4.2.3. Game equipment: Balls and other solid-surface equipment will be regularly disinfected or sprayed throughout the day before usage.

4.3. Spacing lines will be placed for meal lines.

4.4. Gaga pit will be closed due to spacing requirements.

4.5. Snack Shack will have the same food service rules as kitchen staff (masks, gloves). The Snack Shack will be limited to staff working in the snack shack.

5. Chapel Services

5.1. Spacing should be at least six feet or each person in the group shall be wearing a mask and minimize any touching.

6. Camper Pickup

6.1. Those picking up should be wearing masks and observe social distancing.

7. Cleaning Guidelines

7.1. Sinks, countertops, toilets, door knobs/handles will be disinfected on an hourly basis.

7.2. Dining Hall entries, tables, chairs, and bathrooms will be disinfected prior to each high usage time period. Disinfecting spray will be available in the bathroom to spray down surfaces after use.

7.3. Paper towels will be available for holding door handles when exiting the bathrooms with a trash can outside the door for disposing the towels.

8. Medical Staff

8.1. The medical staff at camp will be considered the point of contact for any questions or concerns related to COVID-19.

8.2. If any staff or camper shows symptoms of COVID, they should report to medical staff with a facemask on.

8.3. Medical staff will screen them (fever and other symptoms). If symptoms are consistent with COVID, then:

8.3.1.Self-isolate the person

8.3.2.Call for transportation home if needed

8.3.3.Person will leave the camp at the soonest opportunity

8.4. If someone is sent home, they should report back to medical staff the results of the test at an email address to be provided at the time the person is sent home.

9. If staff or camper sent home tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days after camp

9.1. Parents of all campers (and staff) will be notified immediately.

9.2. PA Department of Health will be contacted as required